Friday, February 10, 2006

Tow-in Surfing at the Cliffs of Moher

I was amazed to see the size of the waves just off the Cliffs of Moher that are being surfed in this clip. Gavin Gallagher from DreamCatcher Productions explains why big waves are so elusive on Ireland's west coast:

"People may never have imagined Ireland as a surfing nation, yet Ireland is recognized internationally as hosting some of the best waves in the world. Perhaps the only bad part of surfing in Ireland is the lack of offshore or wind free surf, desirable for perfect conditions. Luckily our west coast is never short of swell during the winter months, yet the elusive factor and a surfers arch nemesis is the wind. Ireland faces directly into prevailing onshore west wind which destroys the shape of otherwise perfect waves. For this reason Ireland is a surfers Pandora’s box, bursting with potential and temptation, yet hindered by wind. The Atlantics huge swell machine keeps the ocean alive, until that golden moment…. “And then the wind died… “ Our reef’s and beaches ignite in a symphony of perfection and every surfer worth the salt in their veins drops all plans, meetings and projects and surfs until either their arm’s and legs can take no more or the infamous cold begins to shut the body down."

This photo is from Bundoran in Donegal.


Tillerman said...

Cool. So if you get a chance to go to Ireland any time soon don't forget to take your surfboard and wetsuit.

Tim Peddicord said...

Thanks so much for the great footage. It is a longer clip than on youtube. Huge wave my way, Ventura County, home of Rincon Point. Ventura point aka C-Street yesterday was 6-7 meters, faria points. I was surfing lower Pittas at 3-4 meters.. A youg woman waas swpt off the rocks near Ventura Point and drwned yesterday. Very sad It is now smaller and blown out. Wetsand calls for 6 meter sets tommorrow. But the storm system may blow it out. BTW I'm a knee boarder. I lived on the island of Kauai for two years, frequently saw Billy Hamilton. I saw him catch a 3 meter wave on his long board, cross step to the nose, turn around and do roller coasters while my mate and I watched with open mouthed amazement.
I'll be out your way next fall in county Clare with my kneeboard, mayber Spanish Point or Crab Island if it is too feckin crazy.
My family on my dad's side is Dorcey/Peddicord and my mom's is Tobin. Dad's side Catholic, mom's side protestant. hard to believe eh, we yanks are a hybrid breed.
Cheers! I'll be drinking Red Breast on new years eve thinkling of you folks.I'd give my right nut for a good pour of Guiness. Been to your country 7 times. Yeah I love it there!

Anonymous said...

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