Friday, February 17, 2006

Movistar Repairs

Yesterday SailingAnarchy had a story about the repairs that had to be done on the Volvo Open 60 Movistar. It appears that the fairing around the canting keel had been damaged.


Today a Sailing Anarchy member from Wellington posted some interesting photos of the repairs that were being made.

The boat was taken to a boat lift and immediately the hull cleared the water it was obvious that large parts of the keel wedges that fair the keel aperture and the sliding “bomb doors” had been ripped from the hull. There was also damage to the fairing at the hull aperture for the port side dagger board.

Now that the boat has accepted the 2 hour penalty for the next leg they can have their shore team or outside experts to work on the boat until it is time to leave for the start of Leg 4.

The wedges are foam and carbon fibre fillers between the sliding plates that move with the canting keel to stop most of the water that might come into the boat through the hole the keel works through.

The whole repair was done while the boat was hanging from the hoist.

There was even damage to the daggerboard slots:

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