Friday, February 03, 2006

Laser Rigging: Control Lines

I am not going to do the complete upgrade to the vang yet. I am going to start with a simple upgrade with the old cleat block and boom block and the addition of two 20mm blocks. I am going to do a full upgrade on the outhaul (6:1) and cunningham (6:1) using Harken 16mm blocks and the Harken Extreme Angle Cams.

Please comment if anything that I list below doesn't sound right.

Here are the lines I am planning to use:

Vang: 6 meters (19.5 feet) of 3/16" (5mm) NewSwift

Outhaul: (rigging diagrams here)
Primary: 1.7 meters (5.5 feet) of 1/8" (3mm) Vectrus12
Secondary: 4.8 meters (15.75 feet) of 3/16" (5mm) Yale Lite
Gooseneck Line: .62 meters (2 feet) of 5/32" (4mm) Vectrus12
Shockcord: 1 meter (5.5 feet) of 1/4" (6mm) StretchCord

I also plan to use the Rooster Clew Strap and a clew hook.

(rigging diagrams here)
Primary: 1 meter (3.3 feet) of 1/8" (3mm) Vectrus12
Secondary: 4 meters (13 feet) of 3/16" (5mm) Yale Lite

To attach the various small blocks I am going to splice them onto the ends of the lines to keep everything looking clean. Rooster Sailing has some good directions.


Anonymous said...

If you can wait a year or so, you won't need to buy the clew strap and hook. By then another, and better, contraption will be legal; see the Laser Forum

Chris said...

In regard to the Rooster outhaul set-up, what purpose does the 1.1m 6mm elastic that attaches to the clam cleat serve?

Litoralis said...

It pulls the clew of the sail back in when you release the outhaul.

Anonymous said...

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