Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Dream Job (Almost)

Tracy Usher, the North American Chairman of the Laser Class, posted a link to a job on the LaserForum today. The job is ILCA Technical Officer, and I would be really interested...if my current employment situation were a little more flexible.

The Position

A Technical Officer, to fill a current vacancy, providing technical support to the International Laser Class Association (ILCA). The support will be in 3 main areas:

1. Manufacturing (including construction manual maintenance and compliance, quality control, material specifications, recommending and implementing policy) reporting to the Chairman of the ILCA Technical and Measurement Committee.
2. Measurement (including drafting of rules and interpretations, maintenance of the measurement manual, measurers communications, recommending and implementing policy) reporting to the ILCA Chief Measurer.
3. General Technical (including technical drawings and illustrations on various aspects of sailboat racing).


On a part time basis (50%). The function holder will be working from his/her home.
Administratively he/she will report to the ILCA Executive Secretary stationed in Falmouth, Cornwall, England.
Travelling abroad (several weeks per year) is inherent in the job.

The Candidate

The candidate will have a technical/engineering degree or similar qualifications. He/she will be highly proficient in written and spoken English and familiar with marine technical language. Experience in the manufacture of small GRP boats and familiarity with mast technology and sail making may be an advantage although training will be provided. The candidate should also be familiar with popular office computer software, technical drawings and CAD packages. Current involvement with small boat racing would be an additional advantage.

Applications close 31st January 2008

For further information (including a detailed job description) please contact:

The Executive Secretary
International Laser Class Association


citus altus fortius said...

Would seem to suit someone who only needs a 50% paid job. Perhaps some kid doing an Olympic campaign for 2012 in Lasers who could spend the other 50% of his time training and competing.

Someone with the right kind of knowledge is probably already active on the Laser forum, and maybe other sailing forums, posting answers to everyone's technical questions.

Can you think of anyone like that?

Litoralis said...

Yeah, but they also need a technical/engineering degree or similar qualifications.

citus altus fortius said...

Isn't being a "Laser savant" enough?

bonnie said...

"laser savant"...

OK, if I had been drinking something it would have gone out my nose.

why is that so funny?

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