Saturday, March 11, 2006

What is that in your backyard?

The weather was warm today, so I tackled the new rigging on the Laser. I removed the old cunningham fairlead and jam cleat, and installed the new turning blocks and cam cleats.
I rigged up the new vang, cunningham and outhaul. The Maffioli NewSwift is really nice. It's flexible enough to run through the blocks easily, but it is not too floppy. All the blocks are attached to the Spectra with spliced more annoying bowlines.

6:1 Cunningham

6:1 Vang


Anonymous said...

So are you sailing this weekend at Cottage Park?

Litoralis said...

The trailer isn't done yet, so not this weekend. It's hard enough getting a few hours to work on the rigging with my work/school schedule.

Anonymous said...

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