Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well Travelled Laser

Here's a photo of the stern of the Laser that I'll be sailing this season. It is sail number 134628 and was built in the UK. The boat was purchased by my Dad in 1988 and has seen quite a bit of action. It was originally sailed on Rutland Water and came to the US in the container with our furniture when we moved to NJ. I sailed it in high school and then it ended up in Connecticut with my brother after we had both graduated from college. Now it is sitting in my backyard waiting to be sailed.

The CPYC sticker is for Cedar Point Yacht Club, not to be confused with the CPYC where I sail Star boats which is Cottage Park Yacht Club.


OG said...

Just like Tillerman's laser I do believe this one needs a Live Sail Die sticker as well!!! And the new trailer wouldn't be complete without one!!!
But do you have a hiking bench???

Litoralis said...

How can I get a Live Sail Die sticker?

OG said...

If you ask me really nicely I might send you some!

Click here to email your address details and the ever so desirable LSD stickers will soon be on their way to you.

Anonymous said...

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