Monday, January 02, 2006

Non-Sailing: Skiing Game

There is snow in the forecast for the northeastern US tonight, so here's a link to a really good Shockwave skiing game to get you in the mood: Ski Run

The game is very realistic; you really have to stay ahead of the gates by turning early just like in real life.

A long time ago I used to ski alot, so occasionally during the winter Litoralis might turn into Montaneus and contain posts about skiing and snow instead of sailing and water. At some point I should really do one of the Ski/Sail regattas. They look like fun events...from the website: "Every sailor must ski and every skier must sail, and every sailor must party".


Litoralis said...

See if you can beat my time of 1:24.91

Tillerman said...

Or you could even organize a ski/sail event yourself somewhere in New England. Or two somewheres I guess.