Thursday, December 22, 2005

Google Earth - Sailing Regattas from Space

Tillerman posted about a regatta in San Francisco that he found using Google Earth.
I thought I'd post some images for people who don't have the Google Earth software.

Maybe someone (are you out there EVK4?) can identify the regatta and the type of boat.


EVK4 said...

That is right around where one of the more common windward marks is for the Olympic Circle course and it looks like a bunch of different size boats though it's odd that they'd all end up at the mark at the same time. But based on the shadows, I'd say that's a Friday Night Beercan out of Berkeley. Wouldn't quite call it a regatta.

At any time in the summer, you can have races on 5-6 courses at once; makes it hard for a daysailor to pick his way around the bay.

EVK4 said...

I think they figured it out over on Sailing Anarchy...the Great Pumpkin Regatta from 2 years ago.