Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pull that Halyard Up!

If you are going to motor least pull your main all the way up. Reefing is for sissies.


EVK4 said...

is that ship in the background falling off the side of the world?

Litoralis said...

It's the New Flame.

Leaving Algeciras port without permission in the early hours of Sunday 12th August, the Panamanian flagged "New Flame" collided with another ship, a Danish petrol tanker "Torm Gertrude" (other reports have incorrectly identified it, with no pun intended, as "Torn Gertrude"). The double hulled tanker made it into Algeciras port with its cargo intact.

Heavily damaged and believed to be holed amidships the New Flame has partially sunk having hit a reef known locally as “Los Picos” (The Peaks) at a depth of 23 metres. Its cargo is scrap metal but the most worrying cargo, its full fuel tanks, have been emptied safely.

After the crew were rescued, the Captain was arrested but later released on bail and allowed to return to his home in Greece pending a full investigation into the circumstances of the accident.