Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bananas on the Beach

Wednesday, thousands of bananas washed up in the Netherlands on two North Sea islands. At least six containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm and at least one burst open.

A half-mile stretch of beach on Terschelling island, 70 miles north of Amsterdam, was littered with bunches of unripe fruit from Cuba. Bananas also washed up on neighboring Ameland island.


Tillerman said...

Be careful. First it was Cow on a Beach. Now Adam or Joe might start a whole series of blog posts of Fruit on the Beach.

EVK4 said...

After our recent disaster on the San Francisco Bay, it has become apparent that banana boats, too, should be double-hulled or possibly outlawed. How long can the environment withstand such human-inflicted pain?

Anonymous said...

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