Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have the opposite problem from Edward over at EVK4: my daughter loves the wind -- she has been saying "Windy!" when she feels the breeze on her face since she could talk -- but she is afraid of my boat. Of course, my boat is not as attractive as Edward's Lady Bug; it is just a Laser sitting on a trailer in the backyard. When we go outside she usually acknowledges its existence with a "Dat's Daddy's boat," but if I ask her if she wants to sit on it she'll just say, "No, no, no, don't like it." Anyway, I should have been sailing this past weekend. The weather was beautiful, with that nip in the air that lets you know autumn is here. Instead of sailing I spent a lot of time playing with my daughter. Here's a gratuitous shot of her enjoying the wind on our long walk at Borderland State Park.


bigfoot said...

"Don't like it"????

What a smart kid. She's obviously trying to say, "Daddy, don't even think of making me sail in a clunker of a boat with a 40-year-old design and sails that wear out after one heavy air regatta. Get me something with an asymmetric spinnaker, a trapeze and some Mylar sails. I have a need for speed."

EVK4 said...

Bigfoot might just be right, get her a Hoot.

And he might be right again, that she could be the world's cutest granddaughter, what a great photo