Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season

A big thunderstorm hit the north shore of Boston yesterday. The Flying Scot fleet in Marblehead at the Corinthian Yacht Club for their North Americans was caught by the storm and many boats were damaged. There were 3 inch hailstones! Here's a link to a video with some images of the damage at the yacht club (about 30 seconds into the video).

Scots on the the dock, such as 34 in the photograph above, were flipped 8 to ten feet in the air, with results like those seen in the photo. Out of 63 Scots a conservative count would say 30 of those boats were turtled, with damage to many more. Fortunately, all Scot sailors and Corinthian people were injury free. The damage to Flying Scots and other boats in the harbor is severe and is being assessed. The Corinthian staff have dedicated their efforts to making their waterfront operational, along with supporting the Scotter's retrieval efforts admirably.


Tillerman said...

OK OK - enough with the Jimmy Buffett titles. Some other sailing blog did it first. And it was a microburst not a hurricane.

Pretty amazing though that a boat as heavy as a Flying Sidewalk - 850lbs I think - can be picked up by the wind like that.

Tie your boats down kiddies.

Adrift At Sea said...

Believe we also had a few Kansas-type funnel clouds as visitors yesterday. :D

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